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Friday, May 28, 2010

Better to lose?


At Woodbine - rc9 #10 Prized Humour - I like him , then saw he saw the 7/5 favorite! I saw who I had in the exactas and said "it would be better to run second" - and DID with some nice mutuals!!

#10 Prized Humour - 2ND - $3.50 & $3.40 with the $54.20 exacta, the $495.80 trifecta, and the $1189.50 superfecta!! Betcha Jack in NJ had that superfecta a few times!!

Just a funny story -

You'd think the NYRA would do all it could to keep its horses training here in NY - run here in NY. Well after two racing days at the rich Monmouth Park meet - not one but TWO NYRA board members won races last weekend ..... AT MONMOUTH PARK - IN NEW JERSEY !!!

How do you expect keep horses in NY if the people running the Board of the NYRA are running their horses in NJ !!!

Now if they tipped off the Accidental Governor and he cashed some tickets and made some money to buy a pair of sun glasses - well it might have been worth it. I am so surprised a Lady Di or JFK hasn't shown up. Our state is going nowhere fast, glad they found the money they are contractually bound to give the NYRA since the Casino project is in round 4 or 5 of selections that have been if front of FOUR Governors since 2001. They can't get their hands around enough money to actually get the Casino project up and running.

Do you wanna know what is gonna happen? The Shinnecock Indians are going to open a Casino in the Metro NYC area prior to our stupid politicians even deciding who is gonna run the Phantom Casino Project. So while NYS is losing a Million Dollars a DAY since 2001 for every day there is no Casino at Aqueduct - the Indians are coming to take all the business!! They will have a lavish casino open while politicians bicker over slush money. Way to go NYS!! On the ball once again!!

I really need to find a hobby I'm passionate about ..... lol .... Imagine if I WASN"T sedated!!

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