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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Need betting advise for the Saratoga Season?

YES, that's COLD HARD CASH my friends. I cashed over $10,000 in Pk3 and Pk4 wagers alone last Saratoga Season 2010. That is besides all the winners, exactas, doubles, and trifectas I gave out as well, but it's the Pk3's and Pk'4's that make a $20 bet into $5180. That's what this Pk4 paid.

So why haven't you gone to and purchased your Saratoga Season Pass yet?  For $200, you get 40 days of Full Card selections including FREE DAILY Past Performances e-mailed to you, a "Live & Private" Twitter stream as I will be giving 'up to the second info' including my Pk3's and Pk4's - where I'm spending my money to make scores like this. I nailed a $670 Pk'3 with my first wager last season and never looked back. All that straight to your Smart phone or computer Twitter account.

Check it out for yourself. All of my Saratoga results are listed as a category in the blog labels.

You'll win that investment back in one day, maybe even one race.

If you are a weekend player only - I'll set up a Weekend Saratoga Pass - both Saturday and Sunday for $25. I'll even e-mail you FREE Past Performances!

Check out my past Saratoga results -  get yourself  a Saratoga Season Pass , nothing but stone cold money.

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