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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Letter to DRF editor

Well -

They didn't print any letters to the editor this week in the DRF , so I wanted to share the letter I sent in responding to the Life at Ten situation. I was disgusted to read the next day that Johnny Velasquez's lawyer said he was a 'scapegoat'.  That is the biggest pile of shit - so I sent this letter to try to draw attention to it.

Here it is -

It's no wonder people hate lawyers. Maggie Moss,
a prominent horse owner is also the lawyer who 
is representing Johnny Velasquez in the Life at Ten 
debacle from last years Breeders' Cup. 
Ms Moss called Johnny V a "scapegoat" in the 
Life at Ten debacle. I didn't realize Ms Moss 
that "culprit" now is defined as "scapegoat." 
Johnny V was directly responsible for telling 
millions of people on live TV that Life at Ten 
was not warming up at all. Johnny V did not 
alert the Vet or Stewards AS IS HIS DUTY as 
a jockey when he feels a horse is not warming 
up well, may not perform well due to something 
he feels is wrong. 
Instead Johnny V wasted MILLIONS of dollars that 
should have been refunded to bettors because 
HE KNEW the horse would not perform up to her 
normal expectations. Johnny V should have been 
arrested just like Greg Martin was for 
"interfering with the outcome of a sporting event." 
So Ms Moss - Johnny V is not a scapegoat , he 
engaged in criminal activity for not performing 
the duties of the jockey to the best of his ability 
and he should be held accountable. 
How do ya like me now?  BAM!

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