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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Have another donut !!

No - he's not gonna give those exercise riders J- Walking tickets - its a Speed Trap for vehicles that top out at 3 MPH. They had an APB out on Linda Rice - the alias Golf Cart Bandit. They towed her golf cart the other day in a show the SSPD Power! Linda riding on a street closed during training hours - for the horses and horsemen and woman - since over 75 horses are stabled up to 100 yards across the street from the stable gate , a practice done for over 20 years as trainers travel with the set of horses to and from the barn while they train.

WAIT !! That guy just turned his riding mower around in the street. Arrest him! Tow that mower!! No insurance, no turn signal, and violating the noise ordinance! Get that huge crook off the streets!! I hear he was taking that mover to Thunder Nationals at Lebanon Valley Speedway!!

OMG! I can't believe my eyes! Someone in a wheel chair has the audacity to drive that high horse power vehicle down a city street! What did you say? "There is no sidewalk? " Let's crack him with our batons!! Throw the book at him! He might even have cough medicine in his pocket! Now your DUI ! That's no hearing aid - that's a hand activated phone device !! Now we got you !! Book - um Dano!

You better be careful - I hear they are setting up a sting operation at the Racino. It seems the are missing quite a few Equal packets! Go get em boys! Stop that substitute sugar thief! They're as dangerous as a golf cart on a closed street going 3 miles an hour! I'm sure they've been warned , but those damn Equal packets keeps going missing. Better call for back-up!

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