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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Results for Saratoga - Day 5

Well -

I guess I caused a mini- controversy posting my winning tickets yesterday. One of my best customers - Max - pointed out that I didn't have #5 Perfect Shirl in my selections and he was correct. I do all my handicapping the night prior to the races. Sometimes by 3 minutes to post, my opinion changes slightly. I call it Zig Zag'n . Sometimes I win and sometimes I over think things and talk myself out of betting the correct winning ticket I devised the night before. I have an over- active mind and once in a while Zig to another horse. In that race, I took my 2 best picks - the 12 and 4 - then added the wild card #5 who wound up winning. I didn't bet the 5 to win. I didn't bet the exacta or trifecta either. I simply added one more horse into my multi-race bets. I was trying to share my exuberance, not rub it in or mislead anyone. Betting multi-race wager is a more 'fluid' process. I need to adapt to my monetary betting structure - then throw in A.D.D. or O.C.D. and sometimes things change.

Question for my customers - would you like me to Tweet my late Pick4 play? (within that play are two Pick3's) I can't send out multiple e-mails from the track, there is way too much going on. I would be happy to Tweet it - but that also shares it with the world ( well my world is 39 followers - lol). This might be the only way to get the info to you.

Would you like me to open another Twitter account and make it Private for my customers only? Would you take advantage of a Private Pick4win Twitter? The Tweets can be read on your computer or on your cell phone instantly. Please let me know at -

As for results - I had 2 wins, 1 second, and 1 third with 1 exacta.

Saratoga rc4 - #4 Quick Delivery - WON - $7.70 $3.80 $3.00 ...

Saratoga rc5 - #6 Sudden Silver - 2nd at 8/1 - $8.50 & $4.60 ...

Saratoga rc7 - #1 King Rock - 3rd - $3.10 ...

Saratoga rc9 - #7 Broken Dreams - WON - $10.40 $4.30 & $4.10 with the $38.20 exacta.

My bonus play from Del Mar - rc7 #2 Aggie Engineer - 2nd - $8.40 & $4.60 ...

Not a bad day after all.

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