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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Weekend Follow up


I didn't have the best of weekends but there was money to be made - depending on how you wager. I had a bunch of picks finish second recently. Take Cannonball yesterday at Keeneland. I gave out three Saturday for best plays. All three lost. If you bet them to win say $2, you lost $6.

But if you wager across the board on all three picks- say $2 , you are in $18. But Cannonball does run second at a solid 10/1 and pays $9.60 and $7.20 to place and show. You spend $18 and cash for $16.80. The net loss was only $1.20 ....

I lastly gave out numbers to use with Cannonball for exactas. If you boxed Cannonball with the three selections for $2 - your cost $12. The exacta was a winner paying a solid $113.90 !!

So if you played the exacta box and the WPS bets , your investment was $30 but your total net return would have been $100.70 !! And that's WITHOUT picking a winner On Top.

The Bluegrass produced a similar result. I likes Massone. I gave out General Quarters, Hold Me Back, & Mafaaz as the three horses to use with Massone. Well my pick finished 3rd. G.Q. won the race and paid $30 and Hold Me Back finished 2nd. If you boxed my four selections - the triple paid $ 1399.40 !! And that's with My Key horse running 3rd !! God Bless Dave in Endicott who did just that !!

I give out very live and quality information - if you can fit my selections into your wagering or figure out a way to use them - those are just a few examples above of turning losing into CASH !!

So before you send me a note bitching about losing - look in the mirror to see how well you construct and place wagers - because I made money this weekend and gave you winning info. With a $113 exacta given to you, how CAN'T you make money ??

Over & out ....

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