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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Zenyatta - the people's champ


This was an amazing article about how Zenyatta is a showboat - she loves attention and is as sweet as a lamb.

Give it a read -

I hope to see 'The Champ' here in Saratoga. If the Mosses don't want to fly before Breeder's Cup - start the van now!! OR - fly her in and train her at the Oklahoma Training Track till the Breeders' Cup. Even better - the 'Big Mare' can gallop next to that little over- rated and over - protected filly Rachel Alexandra - who will also train at Oklahoma till it closes the first week of November.

Just some food for thought. I'd actually work for free to be Zenyatta's night watchman.

What do you say Mr & Mrs Moss? Let the Mare of the Century train and race in the quaint luxury of Saratoga Springs. Come enjoy the party. I'll even help with your hotel reservation!

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