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Saturday, July 24, 2010

New Blog Features

I hope you've noticed!

I have changed around my blog and added a bunch of new features and FREE links for all horse players - the casual fan or serious player.

FREE Past Performances -

Yes, that's right - Free PP's !! This is a wonderful feature a lot of trainers or stables put on their own websites. I just put them in a convenient , easy access place so you can go to one website and get all you need.

I have also added my new Racing Links.

There are some directly inter-active with the Saratoga Meet. If you've never watched Andy Serling cover a Saratoga race card on "Talking Horses" - you are missing out! You can view it LIVE everyday but Tuesday at 11:45 AM by just clicking a link of my blog.

I've also added some Fan Forums which let anyone who wants to post messages and reply to messages from other Horse Players. One step better is the Live Chat link. If you watch the races on your computer , its a great running conversation with other horse players as they bet right along with you.

Have you ever listened to At The Races with Steve Byk ? It is simply the most intelligent discussion of horse racing you can listen to anywhere. If you have Sirius/XM satellite radio you can also listen to Steve and his guests and callers while you drive! Steve is live Monday - Friday 9am - noon. Just click the link I have provided and enjoy the conversation.

You also might notice I have some different Casino and Wagering banners advertising player accounts and Bonuses. This actually will benefit my customers because I've actually dropped one of those gambling websites because of bad business. If you sign up on one of the current platforms , I make a little money so thank you. The one that I dropped told me "your players need to LOSE MONEY" for ME to make money. I told them I provide winners and want my players to win. So I've dropped that company from my blog. We are winners here on HP&HP - I always want the best for my customers.

Enjoy the new features and links - it goes viral next week!

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