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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Back up the Truck!!

K -

As I explained to my friend Jack in NJ the other day, some of these races are so bad, I play rolling Pick3's and the Late Pick4 and spread out my cash - because the finishes are more unpredictable with cheaper horses.

You really should follow me on - as I gave out info that Dale Romans loved his horse in the 7th.

Well, I spread properly today in the multi-race bets - for a $21 investment! and banged my first Pick4 of the meet ($1847) and second Pick3 ($449.50) of the meet a few times for a nice take of $2500 today. All I did was take my selections plus a 'wild card' pick and plot them into a ticket.( Max pointed out that I didn't have the 5 in the 8th. Well I took my best 2 picks and added a 'wild card' selection who wound up winning - sometimes when at the track, I zig or zag - today I won, other times I talk myself out of a winning ticket) For Pick3's - its a 3x2x1 = $6 for a $1. while the Pick4 is usually a 3x2x2x1 = $12 for a $1. I happened to catch a few nice shots and my horses won the 9th for fun and my second best won the 7th for fun. I spread three wide in the 8th with 4,5,&12 -and proved that why you need to go three wide to catch the $20 plus dollar horses.

Betting this way allows me to spend LESS per race than betting wins or exactas, plus when I beat a favorite or two - I get rewarded generously.

Aaaaah - the smell of money. Thank God for Saratoga.

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