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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Win 50% of a racehorse

Wow -

A pretty good idea - except I loathe MI Developments - a.k.a. - Magna and Frank Stronach. I wouldn't want my idea to help them make a profit, but that's me. It's an ingenious idea actually, they get sent 1000's of ideas and give out one prize of 50% of one of the bosses horses. Talk about a Win - Win for Magna!

Here you go if your interested -

WIN 50% Interest in a Racehorse!

Do you have an idea that could help improve horse racing?
Can you think of a way to attract a newer and more diverse fan base?
Any thoughts on new betting options, or ways to educate new fans about the great sport of horse racing?

Your great idea could win you a 50% interest in a thoroughbred racehorse., a website operated by Dennis Mills (Vice-Chairman and CEO of MI Developments), is sponsoring an idea contest in order to solicit ideas and opinions from horse racing fans.
Please click the link below to submit your ideas and enter the contest.

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