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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Results - Stats thru day 6

Well -

My only winner on Mondays card was in the 6th at Saratoga with #8 Dance Gal Dance. I knew she would have no issues with the extra furlong or the competition. She paid $6.00 $3.40 & $2.50 ..

I haven't been able to string any tickets along - to win a double or a pick3 would enhance the bankroll significantly !! I was able to use the same voucher by adding winners to it for 4 days - and I still have it ready to go on Wednesday.

Top Pick Stats through week 1 -

Winners - (11/42) - 26%
In Money - (19/42) - 45%
Total win $$ - ($101.60)
ROI - $2.42

That honestly might be one of my Best first weeks. I took it easy at the window and am looking forward to kicking the door down as we enter week 2 .

So what are you waiting for ??

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