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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Just put Ernie in jail already

Please -

What could you be waiting for ? Put that scumbag Ernie Paragallo in jail already for animal cruelty. Below is the lastest in this assholes saga - (click on DRF link). How on Gods' green earth does this shit monger even have the right to kick C.G. Humane Society people OFF Center Brook Fram in Climax, NY ??

Please put an end to this bullshit. Take Unbridled's Song OUT of the Stud Book until this piece of shit sells every horse and horse related piece of property he owns. GET ERNIE OUT OF HORSE RACING !! Do not let anyone register a foal by Unbridled's Song until Ernie is out completely. At $125,000 a pop, (no pun intended) x 100 which now is the average size of a crop - that's A LOT of Money still going to that scumbag Ernie. He only owns half but even so - GET ERNIE OUT OF THE HORSE BUSINESS.

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