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Sunday, July 26, 2009

As you should be Ernie Paragalo - in cuffs

I have pasted a link to the latest article and picture regarding that scumbag Ernie Paragalo. He was arrested on 22 counts of Cruelty to Animals back in April after over 170 horses were found on his Center Brook Farm in Climax , NY starving and without Vet or Farrier care.

Ernie is a world class asshole. He broke down one of the most talented runners ever when he put egg bar shoes on Unbridled's Song in the Derby. A Blacksmith I know said it would be like running in combat boots over a soft deep beach.

But in this case , Asshole Ernie left these horses to die. I can't believe they are letting him still breed horses on that farm. This guy should never be able to profit from horses ever again. He should be out entirely. He said he would never sell True Quality. Well just last week - True Quality was scratched by the stewards when they didn't have sufficient proof that a transfer of ownership had taken place. Too bad Ernie - it didn't work. Take your ball and go back to Long Island.

They should and still just might BAR Unbridleds Song from The Stud Book. That would make any offspring from the Song would not be allowed to be registered- hence never be able to race anywhere in North America until Ernie sells his share and is out of Thoroughbred Racing FOREVER !!

Go crawl back under a rock Ernie - better yet, can't wait for you to go to jail. I sure there are LOTS of animal lovers in jail that will think your pretty cute and you'll be somebodies girlfriend before you know it. As bad as you'll feel Ernie when you finally pick up the soap - you will never have suffered as much as you put all those horses through at Center Brook Farm in Climax, NY.

Please go away and rot in jail Ernie.

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