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Tuesday, June 21, 2011 partners with RPM Handicapping Giant

Tuesday June 21st ~

Well if you haven't checked out the all NEW , you missing out!!  I am still tweaking this everyday but it's up and running for both Free Picks and Pay Picks.

Everyone needs to sign up for a Member Account. Regardless if you had an Member Account on the previous version of Pick4win - YOU NEED A NEW ACCOUNT.

Once your a Paid Member - simply log in and click on Pick Page. All the selections for the day will be right there for you. This version I can actually expound on why I make the picks, not just write numbers. The two versions of the old Pick4win were not capable of accepting this.

Another NEW feature is my partnership with RPM Handicapping Giant. Check out the Horse Racing Tools page on or click on their banner on the blog. RPM has handicapping software , DVD's , lots of useful materials to change the way you handicap or help you handicap better.

So check out the all NEW and also check out whats available through RPM Handicapping Giant.

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