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Wednesday, February 2, 2011 = Free Money!!

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You should! Today I had a snow day from work so I checked out the races at Gulfstream Park. I saw two interesting grass races and downloaded the PP's for free from my blog. I Tweeted these two horses with full numbers and we crushed them! Winna Winna - Chicken Dinner!!

Now do you want to follow me on Twitter? ~ I Tweet some different things but mostly about horses. I sit and watch post parades on TV and can pick winners from looks alone. Today I just happened to find two grass races I loved - since turf is my specialty.I have been in a zone for 3 weeks now and there is no letting up now. I already have one for Thursday and a few for Friday. Shake them bones baby, and let the money flow on in.

Gulfstream rc4 - #4 Parting Words - WON - $9.00 $4.40 & $3.60 with the $30.20 exacta and the $149.60 trifecta!

Gulfstream rc8 - #8 Don Cavallo - WON - $13.20 $6.80 & $4.00 with the $86.40 exacta and the $317.20 trifecta!

Aaaaahhh , what a good day for the home team. Were you paying attention?  Sign up on Twitter and my Tweets can buzz right on your smart phone. Then log into your ADW account , call your provider, or get to he track to bet. It's free and simple!

Walkin tall Trotter!!

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