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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Another Testimonial

 This one is from Steve in Pa - who purchases Saturday's picks -

"You do this every time i get your picks,guess that's why i keep gettin them!!

I can't pick a trifecta let alone a cold superfecta like you did today!

I can't lose today!!
THANK-YOU and good luck on the big ones to come.."


Steve also followed up again later on Saturday , after the races were over -

"Great Racing , Great Picks , Thanks for another profitable day. You knocked it out of the park especially with your Santa Anita picks.

Thanks again , Steve"

In the comment section below in Saturday's results , Dave sent in his testimonial for Saturday too. Check that one out as well.

It's always nice to hear back from folks who took down some cash. This is a tough game we play, any edge you can find will help keep the cash flowing your way.

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