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Saturday, May 2, 2009


Who ? The First Derby without Steroids - and the little horse that cost $9500 with the hillbilly trainer wins !

And those stupid Sheiks spent $100 Million on Derby horses and shit the bed again. Keep bring those horses half way around the world so you can feed the carrots everyday instead of leaving them in America with Real trainers ...

The Sunland Park Derby ? A man in crutches drove him in a trailer behind his pickup from New Mexico. This fu*king guy has blue jeans on in the winners circle!

Tom Durkin - the WORST RACE CALL EVER !! You really sucked today Tom.

An A+ for Mark Johnson , the new caller at Churchill who made an exception race call, I had to flip it over to OTB to watch the replay - just to get a clear call of the race.

Durkin - you gave up Gulfstream , please give up calling the Derby , the was a horrible race call...

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