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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Something NEW and TOTALLY DIFFERENT from Software Superstar Horse Racer Tom Console!

Let me tell you about something totally new, totally different and totally exciting!

Even to a battle-scarred, software loving successful handicapper like myself, this newly discovered approach has me turning cartwheels because it adds a totally new dimension to my play.

First let me explain to you how this all came about, and it’s a fascinating story:

I’m sure most of you know who Dr. Robert Anthony is. ‘Bob’, as I call him, and I have been good friends and business partners for close to 30 years now.   Dr. Anthony, as his readers know him, is best known for his series of best-selling motivational, self-help books. His works include recent mega-sellers like ‘Beyond Positive Thinking’ and ‘How to make your mind a money magnet’.  He still lectures internationally. read more

But Horse Players and casino gamblers know him best for his money management strategies for horses (Guaranteed Profit Money Management StrategyParlay Power Match, etc.), and blackjack and roulette gaming systems.

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