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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Mr Bullshit - Nick Zito

Take it from me -

As I watch Nick Zito tell all of America on TV - 'My horses are live". Bullshit Nick. I'm calling your bluff. Just as I did that summer morning when I visited your barn.

The Mushroom Treatment - that's what owners who don't trust their trainers get - fed shit and kept in the dark ... My friends' parents had a horse with Mr Zito. Somehow , he got another sucker to pay up - $750,000 for a very well bred son of Woodman. I believe you are all saying, that's A LOT of MONEY for a Woodman. The mare was duel Grade 1 Diana winner Glowing Honor. The pedigree screams turf , and Mr Zito has trained as many Derby winners as grass winners in the last 20 years ...

Needless to say, I looked over the horse one morning at Mr Zito's barn in Saratoga. My friends mother called me crying , "what's he doing to my horse?" .. " He doesn't look good" ... So I took a look - he looked fantastic to me , hence the trouble for rookie owners ... I had them switch the horse to Lisa Lewis who I guaranteed them would give them a honest opinion about the son of Woodman. Lisa dropped him into a $7500 claimer at Suffolk Downs ... He was worthless. He could not run fast enough to win that race in Suffolk.

But he was kept in the Zito machine - get that $85 a day rate and tell the owners a little story every time , don't know what happened , we'll get them next time ... blah , blah , blah ..

Nick Zito - Mr Bullshit - just tell the truth Nick , not about Strike the Gold , I know that story too ... but lets save that one for another time ... Human AIDS medicine to build up red blood cells ... didn't work and it kinda ruined Strikey too ... oh well , in the words of P.T. Barnum - "there's a sucker born every minute" ... gotta have a motto ... and you keep getting owners somehow ...

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