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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Pick4win now on Twitter !!

Yes boys & girls -

I have entered the 21st century. If someone provides a free service with the latest technology I can at least try to adapt .... Enter -

I detest these 'social networking' websites since I am not a social person. I actually believe the cell phone companies pay celebrities to open Twitter accounts just to pump up cell phone bills. Twitter will allow me to post up to the second horses which until now was only available on my rolling blog. Unless you have an on-line wagering account and could bet instantly - the info was useless. With Twitter - I can give a horse out at 4pm on a Saturday and it will arrive as a text message on your cell phone in seconds!! So since most people are at the track or an OTB and 99% of society has a cell phone - its instant action delivered to your phone.

While I will be learning this new platform and providing this info - it will not be a Free service from .. The rolling blog is a way for me to document publicly my horses during the course of the racing day .If you look back at them - there was LOTS of free winners given out late in the day. My 'circle of friends' will call me with 15 minutes to post time and whisper - so and so is very live ... I will cash but until now , my friends and customers couldn't. Case in point is a Jimmy Jerkins horse two weeks ago - I got the call , and cashed a nice ticket. I put a Big Push on the rolling blog hoping someone could capitalize.

The $50 Weekend Warrior package will include the Twitter updates. I made a $20 package that will be a month 0f ONLY instant Twitter updates. The Twitter package does NOT include a month of pay picks on pick4win , just the hot' information ' I have or receive on race days will be 'Tweeted'. It will be like the Bat Phone for horse tips.

One way I will give free Twitter access to my instant Pick4win updates is if you open or have opened a wagering account through my websites on either - E-Horse , BoDog , or BetUS. You MUST click on the banners on my site and open your account through Pick4win or Hoof Prints and Horse Play. That is the ONLY way the Special will be honored. I will verify this will the wagering site of your choice.

If you open a wagering account with a $200 deposit, I will give you a weekend of free access to All Picks 4 that Day.

If you open a wagering account with a $500 deposit , I will give you Weekend Warrior package FREE !! You get to wager your deposit so its no extra cost to you, you also get bonus bucks from the wagering sites for signing up and REBATES on your wagers with E-Horse or BoDog (you get some of your money back when you win or lose) , PLUS I will give you EIGHT DAYS of Pick4win selections including instant Twitter runners for FREE !!

Once I confirm your account is open with whichever service you choose - E-Horse , BoDog , or BetUS - I will activate you Pick4win account. Please send me an e-mail as well once you open your wagering account.

Until then -

Peace & Love - Peace & Love

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