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Sunday, February 15, 2009

You never know ...

This is a funny story, how you really never know how funny situations are till later. Before Mr Charlie got married, we vacationed every summer at the U.S. Open golf event. It was fantastic. We would arrive on Tuesday and play golf on Wednesday. Somehow it worked out every time for Thursday and Friday that we would go watch Phil Mickelson and play golf opposite of Phils round. Then by the weekend, we had played 3 nice courses, seen some live golf action,scoped out weekend spots, and were ready for a two full days of walking .

So when we were in North Carolina to see the Open at Pinehurst we found a gem of a golf course. The cat's ass in the neighborhood is Tobacco Road C.C. Unfortunately, they were book up. But they suggested The Preserve at Jordan Lakes. As we were driving in, I was flabbergasted. The houses in this neighborhood in NY would be $800,000 and up,up,up. Then I saw the course. WOW. This is one of the Best 3 courses I've ever had the chance to play. The funny thing was -only $45 bucks, primetime, with a cart !! I told the pro at home in NY, I'd pay $150 to play here. He said - 'we are the highest priced course around !!" at $45 !!

So as we were going for our 3rd tour of the course in two days, we got paired up. I actually hate it, my mind can meltdown if bothered or distracted, and I'm done for the day. So its always 50/50. Well ,then we met our playing partners - a mom and her daughter age 10 - and they were Members !! So needless to say , I was expecting to lose it. As I approached to introduce myself, the mom was wearing a NTRA baseball hat !! A horse fan !! It turns out she owns 6 broodmares in Ocala. See , ya just never know !! So , as we were approaching the 5 green , the mom, (sorry, i'm really not good with names) was on my left and it was my shot. I left it short. The next thing I hear , in this southern drawl , "did it get caught in your skirt?" I almost pissed my pants !! That was soooo funny, I enjoyed every second of the round after that.They were waiting on on their deck since they only played 9 holes, as Mr Charlie rolled in a 25 footer for birdie. They applauded , so I had to remind him to kindly tip your cap - ya may never have an audience- nonetheless a standing ovation ever again !!

We did talk horses too. I told her then to breed her mares to Candy Ride. I said he was a freak of nature and would sire Derby horses within 10 years. I told her his stud fee was very low now and would clime big time in the future. Well , I hope she did breed a few to Candy Ride. He has runners on the Derby Trail for 2009 - led by Chocolate Candy. So his stud fee has been climbing, and after a good showing this spring - its up,up, and away again. If you don't remember Candy Ride, that's ok too. He only raced 2 or 3 times in the US. His finally was the Pacific Classic. Little Julie Krone looked like a gnat on a cheetah holding on for life as he easily led wire to wire over the very good Gentleman and others. I loved the story of his first start, which was never in his PP's. When he started in Argentina , they have races on the side of the road. No shit. He actually raced in these primitive conditions and went on to retire undefeated, unchallenged, and but never to be able to showcase his talents to the whole world.

Enough of a history lesson - my boy Jackson need to go out !!

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